One museum, two collections


Bells have been made in Asten, in the middle of De Peel, for more than a century. The Klok & Peel Museum has the largest collection of bells and carillons in the world.  A timeline allows you to you experience the origin and the ringing of the bell including the casting and tuning. Did you know that bells have been cast all over the world for thousands of years? Take a look at the replica of the large bell of Notre Dame that was cast in Asten. Or be amazed by special timepieces in the museum, such as the impressive astronomical art clock. Ring a bell yourself and play a carillon.


Around 2000 years ago a golden helmet was mysteriously lost in the Peel marshes. Peat cutters found it about 100 years ago. The rough landscape gives the Peel a special historical perspective. This goes back millions of years as you can see in the Museum Klok & Peel. Make a journey of discovery and find the secrets of the animals and plants in the Peel, including prehistoric fossils and a real mammoth skeleton. Imagine yourself at the bottom of the primeval sea and glimpse a prehistoric whale. Plan a pleasant break in the museum’s thematic gardens.